LOST going to Jordan

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 23 July 2010 19:50
luccianoz and ze7 in front of Dark Rider

When LOST was formed, luccianoz said that he would like to send the team over to Jordan for a local LAN in order to promote DotA in the country. It is revealed now that Ducky, Misery and Miracle will be there from the 3rd of August to the 12th of August to do just that.

During their trip to Jordan they will act as ambassadors of DotA and help promote competitive DotA in Jordan. They will be playing in a local LAN tournament to be held in its co-owner's, ze7, LAN center, Dark Rider. Of course to play DotA, you need five players, the remaining two players will consist of luccianoz himself and ze7. Besides the tournament, the team will be giving a treat to the fans by playing a few showmatches with them. Below are a few statements from Misery and the owners, ze7 and luccianoz.

Statement from Misery, player of LOST:
-"We're looking forward to go to Jordan to play some LAN tournaments and represent the LOST project. Hopefully we'll be able to make Dota more famous and popular in Jordan and I would like to thank Luccianoz, Ze7 and Dark Rider for giving us this opportunity and experience."

Statement from ze7, co-owner of LOST:
-"When luccianoz told me about his idea of bringing these guys to Jordan to represent LOST and DR I thought it was a great idea. This way they can see Jordan and tell the world how wonderful it is. In addition to that, they will be able to spend some quality time with their mates from LOST.DR jo"

Statement from lucciano, co-owner of LOST:
-"I'm glad that Misery, Ducky and Miracle are coming to Jordan to represent LOST and Dark Rider. ze7 was very generous to buy them tickets and provide accommodations for the team. This is simply going to be a legendary event in Jordan. Ducky and co will get the chance to play a LAN tournament at Dark Rider on the 6th of August as well as well as playing some showmatches with their loyal fans."