Korean WCG coming soon

Posted by benjamin "Mephiztopheles" de la pava at 15 July 2010 21:17
Photo by: ESL

Probably as exciting and fun as the Grand Finals for some, the Korean qualifiers for the World Cyber Games 2010 are yet again around the corner with two tickets for a trip to L.A later this year.

ith a total of 31 players, holding world-class players, the Korean qualifiers for the World Cyber Games always bring more disappointment than joy for most competitors but also loads of excitement and top quality WarCraft 3 matches. This time seems to be no exception as the stop brings together the best of the best South Korea has to offer, with usual suspects Lyn, Moon, ReMinD, FoCuS, SocceR and ReprisaL participating.

However, with such quality attendance, it was also time that the qualifiers brought a better structure to go with it. Thirty players will battle it out in six groups of five. The top two will advance to the knockout round where WMF.Lyn who placed third in WCG 2009, is already waiting as a top seed. The remaining three players will come out of wild card matches, the third place players will hold for those coveted spots. The knockout phase will be played in a single elimination format.

The groups look like this:

World Cyber Games 2010 Korea Groups
MoonWhOReMinDSocceRWinNerS Shy

The groupstage will be played offline on August 18 with the final stage taking place on the 2nd of August and being streamed by Ongamenet.

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