The DeMoN speaks

Posted by Jerry "mR.Jerry-" Lee at 28 June 2010 14:11
Left to right: Puppey, Fear, Korok, Azen and DeMoN

With ESWC drawing closer, and the some teams already bootcamping in Paris, GosuGamers sat down with a team which has been through a number of roster changes. That's right! Here in the hot seat with us today is DeMoN from Nirvana.Int. So without further ado, let's get this interview started.

Hey there. Let's start this interview off with a quick introduction to yourself.
-"Hi, I'm Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho. Most of you should know who I am, so let's get this interview started!"

Fear and Puppey are the peanut butter and jelly...
So could you quickly introduce your team and the roles each of them will be playing?
-"Fear and Puppey are the peanut butter and jelly that hold the team together. They brainstorm together a lot when it comes to drafting, and in game leading.
Azen is pretty shy, unless he's with me then he starts getting a bit talkative. He's told me, I brought out the American in him (Whatever that means *laughs*)! Korok, well he's a young chubby guy... that’s all I can really say. Just kidding... he's a pretty laid back guy and good personality overall.
The roles for our team will be extremely versatile. Of the past scrims we've played, most of our players are able to switch roles in and out very easily without being worried if he's going to excel in that role or not. And about the exact roles, you'll just have to wait and find out for yourselves come ESWC!"

So with brilliant mastermind Puppey joining Nv.GiGa for ESWC, will there be any special strategies for the fans to look forward to?
-"Of course, I'm sure every team has some very interesting strategies to be shown at the event. Fear and Puppey are both the masterminds of most of the picks that are done. So the people that think just because Fear's captain he makes all the decisions, you're wrong... Puppey helps out a lot in game as well as picks. We're just here for moral support, giving our insights as well."

Sounds good. Definitely can't wait to see Nv.GiGa picks in action. So what are your thoughts generally on all the participating teams?
-"I think it's sad teams like Kingsurf, LGD.SGTY, iNC`xlo, MCiTY and many more couldn't make it to the event due to qualifiers or not enough funds for the trip. I'm just looking forward to playing every team on LAN!"

I think DTS, and DDT(LOST) have the highest chances competing versus the Asians due to their past experience in China.
Alright cool. So what are your thoughts on the European teams in particular?
-"I think DTS and DDT(LOST) have the highest chances competing versus the Asians due to their past experience in China. That really gives them an edge; as for the rest, I am very uncertain due to myself not really paying attention to the scene rather then just playing the game. *smiles* However, in my opinion the Asians did have an upper hand on the European teams because our replays were always leaked. Now that more and more replays are getting out from the Asians(mainly Chinese) everyone tries to adapt more to it, and copy their play style. Which in my opinion is a good and bad thing."

Could you elaborate why it is a good and bad thing?
-"It's good, because we know how they play, and what their play style is like. But copying it too much won't exactly work for or benefit you all the time due to not having the players for it, or it just not being a part of your play style. Everyone has a different play style, that's why each player is unique. For example, Vigoss; no one plays the way he does. People have tried, but there's only one Vigoss. Another reason why it's good is because you can also see theirs drafts, and what they like doing. "

So lets focus on your team for a bit. What are your thoughts on your team's line-up?
-"I think we have a very strong line-up. Puppey has always been part of our team(even when he left) believe it or not. His leadership and plays always help our team in the best ways as well as Fear's. Korok who might be unknown to many people, has a lot of potential and we hope to see him show it off at the event. Everyone has LAN experience, except for Azen. From what I've seen, people think Azen is just an online superstar, and will under-perform at the event. From my experience, I'm sure Azen will do better than he does online."

Hold on. Let me look at teams participating.
So judging from recent results at LAN or online, which teams do you think have the highest chances of winning ESWC?
-"Hold on. Let me look at teams participating. *laughs*"

-"Yes... I'm not sure who's participating. I'm just happy enough to even be at the event but I think AEON has the biggest chance of winning. EHOME would be on the list too, but sadly they're having visa problems...."

Note: Interview was done prior to EHOME settling their Visa issues.

What about DTS or Blight? They got LAN experience with China teams. That could prove to be an big advantage.
-"I think they have a strong LAN performance, as well as MYM and even us. But if I were actually making a bet, I'd put my money on those 2 teams."

Alright, so between AEON and EHOME, who do you think will win ESWC?
-"Hmm, it's very hard to say. But if I were to bet(again) I would put it on EHOME, because I've seen how they play a lot recently. As for AEON, they've been quite unknown(which is a good thing and gives them an advantage in my opinion) Also I think AEON has the stronger lineup in terms of players.. but EHOME has the teamwork!"

I just think they have the highest chance of winning!
So inferring from your previous answers, do you think that an Asian team is going to win this event again?
-"I just think they have the highest chances of winning!"

Since Nv.GiGa has two stand in players for ESWC, do you think that it will affect the teamplay of the team?
-"I wouldn't consider Puppey as a stand-in as I stated earlier. He's always been part of this team. We've played with him for over six months, and that's just with We had many games and scrims back with Evil Geniuses (EG) as well. As far as Korok, he's fitting into the team very nicely. His playstyle is what we were looking for! So the correct answer for this question is no, I don't think it will affect our teamplay at all."

Interesting, so with your teamplay unaffected, do you feel the normal Nv.GiGa roster is stronger than the ESWC roster?
-"At the moment, no. We've trained with our ESWC more consistently than our old."

What about OK and MYM who have stand in players as well. Do you think they are stronger with the ESWC lineup or their original lineup?
-"I think both teams' ESWC lineups will be a lot stronger because they're putting so much more time and effort into this event. OK has been training nonstop, and MYM is bootcamping with DDT. They wouldn't waste their efforts and time for nothing!

Is there any teams that you think will win the event by surprise?
-"In my opinion, no. Maybe CNB has something to show, but that's about it!"

Yes, and let's just hope our team finds out that strategy.
Alright, one final question before shoutout time. FTD had a strategy that no one could counter at that point in time which led them to a win at SMM, do you think that could happen again at ESWC?
-"Yes, and let's just hope our team finds that strategy. *smiles*"

Alright, time for shoutouts!
-"We expect and hope to finish top three in the event. Shoutout to Nirvana.GiGa for the support, and amazing sponsorships by these two. Shoutout to my teammates and especially Azen!!! My American friends (sorry I'm not going to put names too many of you NANO). Also last shoutout to former teammate Merlini, hope the best for you man!"