The time has come!

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 13 June 2010 16:56
After weeks and weeks of eager anticipation, the Razor Global Challenge’s grid has been made public.

With 32 groups in region A (West-Europe + Africa), 12 groups in region B (East-Europe + Middle-East), 10 groups in region C (South- and North-America) and 10 groups in region D (Asia) this tournament is bound to become a huge spectacle. Follow the link at the bottom to visit the grid section.


The 1192 teams will start battling for the humongous prize pool of $30,000 Monday the 14th. The teams will start out by playing best out of 1 matches in a regular single elimination bracket, each week one round. The winner of each group qualifies for the group stage, making it 64 teams.

Any questions can be answered by reading the rules and regulations. Remaining questions can be directed to the admins whom will be idling on #RGC on IRC (Quakenet).

Gosugamers will of course be covering this great online event so stay tuned. We’d like to wish every team good luck.

Let the games begin!

Dota-League - RGC rules
Dota-League - RGC grid