Merlini leaves DotA scene

Posted by Hwa Soo "meany" Cho at 11 June 2010 17:14
One of the most celebrated DotA players, Merlini brings a sudden unfortunate news to the scene, announcing his departure from DotA.

Originally debuted as a professional Warcraft III player, Merlini has evolved into one of the most unforgettable DotA players ever since the innovation of competitive DotA. He has made numerous contributions to the DotA society, including his famous Zeus guide as well as his leading MYM to be the champion of Dreamhack Summer in 2007.

It is, certainly, a great loss to the DotA scene and that Merlini will be resigning. His reason for such a sudden departure is yet unknown. However, Fear and DeMoN made some statements regarding this matter and bids their teammate good bye.

Statement from Clinton "Fear" Loomis, Captain of
-"Ben and I have been friends and teammates for over two and a half years, dating all the way back to when we were on MYM where we went to our first lan together, ESWC Grand Finals in San Jose. I remember him always starting smalltalk with complete strangers on the streets of San Jose and keeping everyone on the team joyfully amused with his witty intelligence. He has a powerful personality that just makes any team that much more lethal and not to mention outside of the game his personality is like a lightbulb burning bright in a vacant room on a winter's night. Unfortunately for, that light bulb has flickered its last faint spark. I approached Ben regarding his absence from the team within the past few week to figure out what was going on and with hopes of changing it so we could be well-prepared for ESWC. Shortly after he informed me that he can't keep playing on the team and he doesn't want to go to ESWC because he needs to make preparations for real life arrangements of his, it was made perfectly clear that he was going to be leaving the team and quitting competitive DotA. We're sad to see him go and I am especially unhappy to see him leaving the scene. But who knows, maybe he will come back one day only time will tell.
I wish the best of luck to you Ben, and I hope everything goes better than according to plan so hopefully one day you can rejoin us again."

Statement from Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho:
-"Ben and I have been teammates for little over a year, and friends for over 2 years. It's very sad to see an extraordinary friend leave the scene. I've met this guy twice since he came to California, and has the exact personality as he does online. Which I thought was very amusing, since he is one of the most entertaining players I've played with. This is the guy that started my DotA Career, from watching his replays and made me idolize him. He has definitely inspired a lot of people and fans. Ben was always the star in MYM, in my opinion no matter what he did. It's very sad, because one of my DotA goals was to travel to a lan with him...which was suppose to be this upcoming ESWC.(The other was, being on the same team as him one day)
I also shotgunned a seat sitting next to him.. =( Most of my plays, and anything I did was because of Ben. I learned so much from this guy, from his juking, microing, & last hitting.
If it wasn't for Merlini, I'd probably still be stuck in public games on US BNet-WEST, or THR games. I would also like to say thank you for everything, for not only being a teammate but a friend when I needed one.
I'd like to also apologize for not being the same friend you were to me, I acted somewhat like a child for the past few days talking to you. I'm sincerely sorry for that.
I wish the best of luck to you Ben, in everything and your real life. I hope to see you back possibly sometime in the future, there will always be a spot here for you!"

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