Who will rise victorious?

Posted by Vincent "em0_llama" Nunes at 11 June 2010 20:13
With ESWC right around the corner, people are starting to wonder: who is going to win? The DotA GosuCrew took it upon themselves to rate each team.


The powerhouse straight out of Singapore. Aeon were invited as all champions are, taking the place of Zenith. Aeon consists of three players who grabbed a gold at the previous ESWC and therefore it is believed by many that this winning side will do just that. Star players include the likes of ToFu and hyhy.


Sweden Blight

Over the last year or so, this team has gone through various roster changes, but has stuck to three core players: Loda, Misery and Ducky, who can easily be thought of as the core of the team. The GosuOpinion is that the addition of Pajkatt is the right one. Despite having not exactly impressed at China last year, this old horse will most definitely have a kick left in it.


United States

When this team started out, it was the so called "dream team" of EU/American DotA, consisting of the masterminds Puppey and Merlini, along with the raw skill of Demon and Kuroky. The drama that ensued within the team is not unknown, and after parting ways, fans were unsure whether the team would perform. They will be travelling to ESWC with a fairly strong roster though, with Puppey returning and American star Korok joining the side. The GosuOpinion however is that the blow of Merlini's retirement will be hard felt by the team and they will be missing the edge needed in order to claim top three.


Australia MCiTy

Hard to tell. MCiTY have not been at their best recently, but one will remember how much they surprised their opponents at GamesCom last year. The GosuOpinion on whether the team is better on LAN or online is split. Unless MCiTY puts in some serious training, it is unlikely that they will go very far in this tournament. It is however interesting to see how the side will do in a lag free environment, especially with a veteran such as Shatan in the side.


Denmark MYM

maelk1_lol.jpgA name that ESWC is not unfamiliar with. MYM claimed third spot at the previous ESWC event. There was a great deal of drama surrounding Maelk's claim that Zenith's win was a fluke, but he has yet had the chance to prove himself against the Asian team. The GosuOpinion is that MYM needed a solid carry player such as 13aby in the side, and one which will compliment the star gankers in MYM, such as Mania. Since SMM last year however, MYM have underperformed and it seemed as if something was missing from the side. Much like MCiTY, unless they pull a rabbit out of the hat, no real success will be achieved.


Germany LAN

LAN have put together a formidable team for ESWC, with the disbandment of unique.DotA aiding in that regard. Their players are not strangers to the DotA community, with someone like Kev being famous for his Puck. Over the years, the Germans have played a great deal with each other and there is a clear synergy between them. Even though they might be at a slight disadvantage in terms of individual skill, their team play may be the deciding factor in whether they succeed or not.


Germany Online-Kingdom

KuroKy.PNGAnother team which has undergone some heavy roster changes. When they first started off as TheShit!, OK seemed like a fledgling team with a great deal of potential, just unable to realize it. They have indeed grown as a side, but this growth may be shaken by the new additions to the side, namely Black and Kuroky. These changes could be what brings them success, but Kuroky is not known for his success at LAN tournaments. Not exactly favourites to win, but one can never count out their fighting spirit.



When Lacoste and Playmate joined MYM a while back, it seemed as if might fall apart. They were however, able to pull themselves together and try to get back on track. The team couldn't be more determined, but it is the GosuOpinion that they will not be able to compete with the best of the best and will most likely fall out fairly early.


Romania The Elder Gods

If you ever wanted an ancient DotA team, TeG would be it. Their name says it all. Once star player, freezer, is not at his prime, but it seems that whether he performs or not will be the deciding factor in this team's success. They have been known to bring down some giants and even claimed a podium position in the most recent EDC. A bit of a wildcard to be honest.


Brazil CNB-Gaming

The Brazilian powerhouse CNB has yet had a chance to prove itself, as their position does not allow for fair play between other top teams. They couldn't ask for a better opportunity. Not much is known about the Brazilians, other than that they have beaten MYM on occasion. Their rating is low mainly due to a lack of knowledge about the team, but one never knows, maybe they'll be as good as their football side.



One of the favourites this year. EHOME have been known to excel on LAN, and it is known that the team stays together and trains hard. Many were not expecting to see them at ESWC because of LGD.sGty's recent form, but the powerhouse pulled itself together and toppled the formidable team, proving that they have earned their place at ESWC. One can barely notice any flaws in the team's performances, and with star players such as Burning and KingJ, there is a high chance that they will triumph in Paris.


France did well to win their national qualifier, with aAa being the expected winner there. Regardless, it does not seem as if this team has the ability to topple the DotA giants of the world. The only thing that appears to be in their favour is the home ground advantage.


Iran Reborn

Not much is known of the Iranian side. Perhaps they will surprise us all in their performance, but when the big boys bring their cards to the table, it's highly probable that the side will fold.


Malaysia MUFC

Winners of the Malaysian qualifier, MUFC is an extremely dominant side, with hardened veteran Winter and talented SilverCross amongst the players. They were impressive on LAN at the qualifiers and there is a lot of promise and determination surrounding the team. Their vast individual skill and succinct team play could very well earn them the title as ESWC champions.


Poland T-Out

It is the GosuOpinion that this will be one of the weakest teams at ESWC. Whether their qualifier victory, and the controversy surround it, will affect them, is not known. They will surely want to prove their critics wrong, but it is unlikely that they will achieve much in Paris.


Russia DTS

loh2.jpgThe GosuOpinion suggests that DTS is the only European team that will be able to compete with the daunting Asian sides, and rightly so. DTS is feared on LAN, and proved their strength after winning their qualifier. LightOfHeaven will play a huge role in their performance, and he is the sort of player that will be able to turn around a game for them. Their LAN experience is insurmountable, but in order to pull off a victory against the top teams, DTS will have to perform at its very best.


Does your opinion match the GosuOpinion?