Europe vs Asia - Week 3

Posted by "usernamealreadytkn" at 29 May 2010 00:27
Europe vs Asia
Week 3
Saturday, 05/29, 14:30 CET
Ukraine StrelokBo5China Eric
Netherlands NazgulBo5South Korea Check
Ukraine White-RaBo5South Korea Maka
Sunday, 05/30, 15:00 CET
Netherlands NazgulBo5South Korea Gerrard

The saga between Europe and Asia continues onto the third week. Asia has displayed some extremely strong play so far, but Europe is not out of it yet. This Saturday, tune in to watch Nazgul, Strelok, and the recently crowned HDH Invitational Champion: White-Ra, take on Check, Eric, and Maka representing the Asian SC2 team.

Don't miss out on this memorable series between Europe and Asia!

Next match - Saturday, May the 29nd at 14:30 CET, 5:30AM PST, 8:30AM EST.

- Gretorp's stream can be watched here at launch

- The Chinese stream can be watched here at launch

Results and Current Standings.

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