Applicants awaiting ESWC decision

Posted by Vincent "em0_llama" Nunes at 28 May 2010 15:12
Along with the countries that have spots reserved at ESWC, the organisation will be inviting five additional teams which did not have a chance to qualify. The applications are now closed and each team is waiting to see if they were chosen or not.

ESWC2008.jpgTeams that have already been named include AEON, taking the spot of Zenith, as the defending ESWC champions, after Zenith (Singapore) beat Kingsurf (Malaysia) in the final in 2008. National champions include DTS, representing Russia, and, who will be playing for the host nation, France. Despite having won their own qualifier in India, it seems as team 3gp Gaming will not be making the trip to Paris, as there are no funds and there does not seem to be a spot allocated to them. A number of other countries still need to host their qualifiers, including DotA powerhouse, China.

Amongst the teams that have applied, there is the usual "top-notch" bunch. This group includes teams such as MYM, DDT,, Kingsurf.LGD and MCiTY. There has been a great deal of controversy regarding KuroKy being signed up for two teams, in two different applications. As it stands, TeamHome will not be offered a spot as they took part in Asus Spring. It seems however that Kuroky has been added to the Online-Kingdom roster. Online-Kingdom has applied as a German team, with the exclusion of star play 13abyKnight. The addition of Kuroky means that OK comply with the rule that a team requires three members from the same nation in order to apply. KuroKy does assure that his substitution for OK is legitimate and everything has been cleared.

Syderen, captain of OK, gave GosuGamers a few words regarding their selection:

-"We had a team consisting of one Dane, one Swede and two Germans to go to ESWC, so we needed another German to follow the "3 players from same country rule" that ESWC goes by. We needed a German carry, and KuroKy was a pretty obvious choice in that respect."

This is not the only shock folkes. It seems that former DDT players, Angel and miGGel have created their own team, in a hope to participate at ESWC.

Team Faxe Kondi's roster is as follows:

Denmark eatenfish
Denmark AngeL
Denmark Crocodile
Denmark miGGel
Denmark bluechicken

maelk1_lol.jpgWho do you think deserves to be invited to ESWC? It may be that Maelk and his Asian counterparts have a score to settle, but there is no guarentee that they will be allowed the opportunity to face each other. Be sure to vote in the pole, or leave a comment regarding who you think deserves one of the five invitational spots at ESWC 2010.