MiSeRy blogs about DDT versus TeG

Posted by Jerry "mR.Jerry-" Lee at 19 April 2010 18:11


MiSeRyTheSlayer, well known international player, has finally made a blog update. He writes about his team, DDT's loss to TeG and identified the mistakes his team had made.

Players may have questions on how and why DDT, one of the world's best team, lost to TeG. Those questions have been answered by MiSeRy in his latest post on his blog.

Though DDT received their first loss against TeG, MiSeRy does not lose his focus and have made plans for the gold in other leagues.

Short quote from his blog:
"As you might know this was the first match we lost with this team and it's of course always sad to lose and I was really pissed right after, but I believe the team needed it to find the right spirit and motivation back after plenty of easy matches."

So do head on down to his blog and get the complete picture of the match against TeG.

MiSery's blog - Source