Mineski-Dota Roster Changes

Posted by V "iki" V at 16 April 2010 16:02
Pag-ibig winning MPGL ( Vashie * First from the left )

Mineski drops Angelo "-doc-" Docosin due the latter’s failure to comply to a given requirement set for prior to his entry on the team, but adds former member of Pag-ibig, Jessie Cristy ‘Vashie *‘ Cuyco to fill in the available spot.

Mineski-Dota officially announced the removal of Angelo "-doc-" Docosin from its roster. The decision arose due to a failure on the latter’s part to fulfill a given requirement set upon his entry to the team. For now, Doc’s future in the competitive DotA scene remains uncertain but Mineski-Dota wishes him all the best for a bright future.

Now comes the good news: the addition of Jessie Cristy "Vashie *" Cuyco to Mineski-Dota team’s roster. Vashie*, former member of Pag-ibig, won in January with his team Pag-ibig 1 the first ever Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League.

Statement from Jose 'bong-' Silva (Team Captain):

- "In behalf of me and my teammates, I would like to welcome Jessie in our team. We have a lot of expectations, and we don’t think you can surpass them. Hahaha. You’re gonna have to prove us wrong. Hahahahahaha. Good luck and again, welcome."

Current roster of Mineski-Dota

Philippines Jose ‘bong-‘ Silva (Team Captain)
Philippines Anthony Dennis ‘Mr-T-/ynot?‘ Senedrin
Philippines Yukihiro ‘3773‘ Hasegawa
Philippines Rhymel ‘Candypop‘ Olete
Philippines Jessie Cristy ‘Vashie *‘ Cuyco

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