ZOTAC #5: HayprO the fourth zerg taking home the win

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 29 March 2010 18:28
dhw07_haypro470.jpgThe fifth ZOTAC cup has been played and the Swedish player HayprO managed to grap the first place, being the fourth zerg player to take home the €100.

ZOTAC Cup winners
#1Belgium OrlyUkraine Dimaga
#2Sweden MorroWBelgium Orly
#3United Kingdom DeMusliMUkraine Dimaga
#4Ukraine DimagaUnited Kingdom DeMusliM
#5Poland rogalosSweden HayprO
DeMusliM was the first non-zerg to win the ZOTAC cup for StarCraft 2 in the fourth cup on March the 21st. With the fifth cup finished, the swarm is yet again conquering the throne as the Swedish player HayprO led the zerg to victory against rogalos, also known as iG.Slider, in the finals and takes home €100.

On his road to the victory, HayprO beat players of high caliber such as the fourth cup winner DeMusliM, Dreiven and his companion from Sweden, Naugrim.

- "I played a lot of good players on my way to the finals and the only player I hadn't played before was Dreiven so I wasn't familiar with his style. That made the games vs him the hardest. I think the reason why zerg is winning a lot is because I think zerg is pretty strong right now in standard games where they can macro up. If zerg can get his 3rd base up in ZvT and have 6 gases running it's pretty hard for terran to do much, and is also the reason why so many terrans tends to go factory openings so zerg can't expand as early." Said HayprO to GosuGamers after winning the fifth ZOTAC cup.

The sixth cup will be played on Sunday, April the 4th, so sign up if you want a chance to win the €100.

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