European top tier to enter GosuCup special

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 24 March 2010 15:58

GosuGamers has been the hub of non-Korean StarCraft since 2003, and with the release of the StarCraft 2 beta we hope to give you a thrilling experience right from the start.

As StarCraft 2 has been predicted to unite the eSport scenes, we have given it a boost on its way there by inviting top players who hail from StarCraft, WarCraft 3, Defense of the Ancients and World of WarCraft.

Some of the players have been holding low profiles through the beta period so far, but most of the invited players are top tier players who roam the platinum divisions.

We hope to see some really extravagant games and give you the readers a glimpse into the future where StarCraft, WarCraft 3, DotA and World of WarCraft will all join in StarCraft 2.

GosuCup StarCraft 2 Invitational Participants
StarCraft 1 players
Sweden HayprO Netherlands ret Germany Infernal Italy ClouD
Netherlands Nazgul Sweden JinrO Sweden ZpuX Germany Mondragon
Poland Raven
WarCraft 3 players
United Kingdom DeMusliM Denmark PhoboS Spain LucifroN7 Germany XlorD
DotA players
Germany KuroKy Denmark Pusher

World of WarCraft players
Belgium orly

Among the list of participants, as one of the brightest shining stars, we find Jos "ret" de Kroon. The Dutch Zerg player has been a dominant player in the foreign StarCraft scene and was invited over to Korea to play for the progaming team eSTRO. Together with the seasoned StarCraft player Victor "Nazgul" Goossens, the two will represent the Netherlands. Both have shown impressive results in the beta scene already.

We have, of course, the veteran Zerg player Christoph "Mondragon" Semke who not only holds a bronze medal from World Cyber Games 2007, he was also the Samsung European Championship winner in 2005. With countless amounts of online championships as well as in German in-house tournaments, Mondragon is one of the most merited European players there have ever been.

You will also see three Swedish players who have all three added color to the Brood War canvas, and are now rolling their way through the beta to create more masterpieces. We have Hayder "HayprO" Hussein, Tobias "ZpuX" Nilsson and the slightly lower profiled Jonathan "JinrO" Walsh, more known as FrozenArbiter.

WarCraft 3 players are not out of the loop, as the European stars Pedro "LucifroN7" Moreno Durán and Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker have both been showing they want a piece of the cake. In ZOTAC and ESL events they have both eliminated top competition. We will also see the German wonderboy Daniel "XlorD" Spenst and the Danish player Glen Jul "PhoboS" Hansen, better known as MyWa in the WarCraft 3 scene.

While Defense of the Ancients is a team game, many of the players on top of the European scene have a history in either StarCraft or WarCraft 3. Martin "Pusher" Mogensen and Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi will represent the DotA players in this cup. It will be interesting to see how well they fare without their usual four allies.

The Belgian Zerg player Olivier "orly" Bellemans, who has a background in the World of WarCraft competitive scene, is also in the list. He has impressed many with his two grand final placements in the ZOTAC Cup series.

More StarCraft players who will defend their honor are Protoss German Patrick "Infernal" Möller, Italian Terran Carlo "ClouD" Giannacco and the Polish Terran Maciej "Raven" Polak. All three have shown that they are not to be tampered with.


More info regarding tournament brackets and video coverage will be announced soon. Keep pinned to GosuGamers for all your StarCraft 2 needs!