Papa's back with more wisdom

Posted by Jerry "mR.Jerry-" Lee at 29 March 2010 17:30


Papa Drayich, a player wise to the ways of DotA has just recently posted about team spirit on this blog and this topic is relevant to all competitive players

A current member of Online Kingdom who just beat MYM in grueling best of 5 format, Drayich has been around the DotA scene for what seems to be like ages. His words are like nuggets of gold to many and much has been learnt from him. Now Drayich has just released a new post on his blog about team spirit.

What is team spirit?
- "Teamspirit can be helped in both directions if there is strong persons in the team. For example if someone is really happy and joyful this could spread among the other players of the team, but also if someone is negative and defensive this also spreads."

This post is definitely worth reading and much can be learn from it. Teams may assume that team spirit is not an important factor where skills and teamwork is the key to winning. However Drayich has clearly explained what team spirit can do to a team. Even using the games against MYM as an example.

So waste no more time and head down to his blog for the full post. Read and understand what exactly team spirit is all about and try out the way to improve team spirit.

Source - Drayich's Blog