DowaQ retires: My love for the game is dead

Posted by benjamin "Mephiztopheles" de la pava at 15 March 2010 22:51
dowaq_245480_dhs09.jpgOne of the few remaining undead top players has announced his retirement from the Warcraft 3 professional scene.

Hjalmar 'DowaQ' Högberg, the Serious Gaming undead player, top 3 European undead, and one of Sweden's best, decided it was time to move on. As most non-Koreans who do so, he's claimed his love for the game is non-existent and more appealing things have come in his way. This ends almost three years of relationship between player and team.

- I've decided to step away from professional gaming because my love for the game is dead and other interests has taken over. Big thx to my teammates, my managers zerter and basz, they've been great! And last but not least endar for all of his help during my career, said DowaQ.

Regardless of his motifs, DowaQ can quit the game knowing that he, along with SonKiE and viOlet, took srs gaming to the WC3L finals in season 16, a feat few can demerit, considering the sturdy opposition they had to face, including the likes of Future, Infi, Check, FoCuS and Moon while beating none other than World Elite at the loser bracket of the playoffs.

This is just to mention the latest achievement of this now former Warcraft 3 player. Other ones are his Sweden WCG 2009 qualifiers victory and runner-up at DreamHack winter 2007.

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