TSL Semi Finals Day 1 & 2 - Results

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 23 February 2010 16:20
tsl_nony245.jpgTyler "NonY" Wasieleski and Christoph "Mondragon" Semke are through to the TeamLiquid Starleague final after both showcasing very impressive play in the semi final.

NonY showed no signs of being out of style after his StarCraft 2 beta ladder runs when outplaying Jian "IefNaij" Fei in the first semi final of the highly prized event.

Having won the game by 3-1 after a screw up loss on Destination, NonY seemed ahead in both mechanics and micromanagement throughout the series.

mondragon_wwi08_245.jpgNonY will now take on a Zerg player after defeating S-class Protoss and Terran players in the quarters and semis.

The second semi final saw Mondragon defeat Yang Chia "SEn" Cheng under less than 40 minutes. The Zerg mirror match was close but very intense, full of scourge sniping, zergling ramp defends, in which Mondragon performed elegantly.

Next weekend the TeamLiquid StarLeague Season 2 winner will be crowned, as NonY takes on Mondragon on Sunday 20:00. The third place match between IefNaij and Sen is set to Saturday 20:00.