TSL Quarter Finals Day 1 - Results

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol at 15 February 2010 10:37
While Ret showcased his new ZvZ skills against SEn, Mondragon tried out his upcoming ZvT on Fenix.

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Round 8 Day 1 of TeamLiquid's StarLeague did provide us with very exciting matches. Zerg's were up for a treat, that's for sure.

The quarer finals started with ret trying to get best of DuskBin's Sen. While games on Fighting Spirit and Destination went in usual ZvZ route, it seemed that both players wanted to bring something new into this matchup in the upcoming games.

In some real intense Zergling/Muta versus Zergling/Muta micro action Sen did prove that he is no easy nut to crack and went 3-2 versus ret's now really polished ZvZ.

Ro 8 Day 1 results
Netherlands Ret2-3Taiwan Sen
Germany Mondragon3-2Peru Fenix
Sometimes there are days or just a few games where you don't get into the "Muta micro feeling rhythm", and that happened vs BRAT_OK. There I didn't get to micro anywhere near close to what I could micro.

- Mondragon
Second match brought us Mondragon versus Fenix, veteran facing somewhat prodigy Terran from Peru. Games were full of Swarms and Plagues with Marines and Medics in real SK Terran style.

Same as in game with Ret and Sen, the series went on with some deviation but did keep their classical style that we see so often in Terran versus Zerg matches. In the end Mondragon made Zerg Swarm proud and won 3-2.

Be sure to check out the VODs and to read interview with winners via links provided below.

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