Beta on November the 11th?

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 13 October 2009 01:01

Blizzard has now informed the World of Warcraft players that they will have to merge their accounts to before the deadline on the 11th of November, less than a month from now. This means that all of the WoW players will have to log on with their account. As many also know, the new was what delayed Starcraft 2, in other words
- could this mean that the beta's starting on this date?

World of Warcraft log-in screen

In 30 days, on November 11, 2009, all accounts must be converted into a account to login to World of Warcraft. Any existing account that upgrades to the platform, including ones that were upgraded in the past, will receive a brand new in-game penguin pet starting later this week.

- Blizzard.

Blizzard announced on BlizzCon this year that World of Warcraft will unite with Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and all the upcoming Blizzard games on the new platform. Now that they've set a deadline for the merging of the WoW accounts to a account, it could mean that we'll also see the beta. Since it's a deadline, they'll also most likely start using the new platform, and as Bornakk from the WoW forum says;
- "Starting on November 11, all World of Warcraft players will need to log in to the game using a username and password".
Blizzard have also said that they're still aiming for a 2009 launch of the beta, so it fits. Another thing to keep in mind is that we're expecting another Q&A Batch pretty soon. Karune said in a post after the release of the latest batch
- "We will add these back in for the next batch, which should be out late next week."
According to that, the batch should've seen the light of day last week, but it didn't. What will the batch bring us this time? It's only up to us to speculate, but after a long time with no news on Starcraft 2 at all, we can finally see some progress. It's also official that a new Battle Report is on it's way, and is in it's finalizing stage.

remember this guy?

From speculations, to more speculations. As mentioned earlier, Blizzard said they will award the WoW players with an in-game penguin pet as a way to say "thanks" for the effort put into the merging. Well, you might remember the mystic penguin that was put together as a puzzle during the announcement teasing of Diablo 3. Could the penguin be a new symbol of a big announcement from Blizzard? We'll just have to wait and see.

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