GosuBet August '09 Season Ends

Posted by Lukasz "McBat" Grzelak at 01 September 2009 18:21
GosuBet August '09 WC
#1 gold.gif 11510 Germany Chollatzkows
#2 gold.gif 10988 Finland LordTs
#3 gold.gif 9130 Russia happyfan
#4 gold.gif 7816 United States tinyturtlesoup
#5 gold.gif 4574 Germany LiGhToKm1
#6 gold.gif 3765 dota.gif Brazil Forkxx
#7 gold.gif 3536 Vietnam Dreamsncrime
#8 gold.gif 3379 France zphir
#9 gold.gif 2885 Finland Tuke
#10 gold.gif 2759 Bosnia and Herzegovina EviL-MusT-DiE
GosuBet August '09 SC
#1 minerals.gif 58700 Poland AGL.Dexter
#2 minerals.gif 23584 Brazil PegazuS
#3 minerals.gif 21461 United States ArivO
#4 minerals.gif 15185 Chile BWML-SUCK
#5 minerals.gif 15034 Sweden steffe68
#6 minerals.gif 9917 Thailand n.Die.SuPerBas
#7 minerals.gif 8004 Belarus [SR]KIBORG
#8 minerals.gif 5367 Turkey vst.jackson
#9 minerals.gif 4697 Canada FlowZerg
#10 minerals.gif 3479 Germany evilm0nkey
GosuBet August '09 DotA
#1 tangos.gif 24435 Philippines karLoo-xD
#2 tangos.gif 7953 Singapore xealot
#3 tangos.gif 7223 India
#4 tangos.gif 3443 dota.gif United States CreateNewName
#5 tangos.gif 3119 dota.gif Malaysia DeadAndGOnE
#6 tangos.gif 2785 dota.gif Serbia fennisa
#7 tangos.gif 2682 dota.gif Australia Beyondheavens
#8 tangos.gif 2218 Philippines mistgun
#9 tangos.gif 1804 dota.gif Brazil BugaH
#10 tangos.gif 1797 dota.gif United Kingdom fruity

Another month has passed and yet another GosuBet season has come to an end. This is the time to congratulate the winners and give away prizes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this seasons's winners are: PhilippineskarLoo-xD for DotA, GermanyChollatzkows for WarCraft 3 and PolandAGL.Dexter for StarCraft. They all win 300 points. As you can see it the tables AGL.Dexter and karLoo-xD are definitely unquestionable winners with the competition far behind. Chollatzkows on the other hand could not be sure of winning this season till the very end simply because of other GosuBetters who were lurking behind his back. Runners-up which are LordTs, PegazuS and xealot receive 100 points and the second runners-up which are happyfan, ArivO and receive 50 points. Congratulations! You all proved that you have really impressive knowledge of the scene of your beloved games and a strong nerves.

During August '09 season we had a total of 2299 matches and 32511 bets. This sounds impressive, doesn't it? We hope that with every month we will be able to provide you more and more excitement.

The next gosubetting season has already started, and will be running until the very end of September. Make sure to start betting right away so you may get an early lead and with some knowledge and luck appear in the next GosuBet news at the beginning of next season!

Are you the most gosu better? Prove it!

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