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Y-fi @ 4 years ago

On some days I can play for hours at a stretch, whereas on others I cant play at all. I usually play at night though, after 11 or 12.
Will add you when I use steam.

iki @ 5 years ago

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Eeeerie @ 6 years ago

I've never been a big fan of rhcp, still if you want to sound like Pink Floyd and other psychedelic rock bands, you can use the same piece of equipment like I do. It's Line 6 pod 2.0, nice little processor, relatively cheap for it's preformance. People don't hasitate to use it in studios for recordings too.

S.P. @ 6 years ago

the name of song in english means THE SHIT.

nagendra.bhani @ 7 years ago

I want 2 invite u all to Apocalypse'10 @ IIT Roorkee.
Dota 5v5: 6.68c
CS 1.6 5v5
Contact no. 09997806391
It's in IIT Roorkee. Besides ther r a lot of cultural events too ( rock show, fashion show, DJ night, Stuntmania, laser show)
Prize money is 15-25 k and steelseries goodies 4 runners up, exact amt. nt yet decided.