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Name Vincent Nunes
Location South Africa
Date of birth 1992-07-27 (25 years old)
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AWRNSS @ 5 years ago

Some shocking examples? I'm a bit rusty but I thought that that was it. The crew is highly inactive and a proof-reader isn't really available atm; this will have to suffice.

Zeyall @ 5 years ago

I'm fine :) not working for gosugamers anymore, but stalking around and playing some dota2. everytime I see your pic it makes me smile :)

Zeyall @ 5 years ago


fapfapnaprepeat @ 7 years ago

Need you to write news about Us Team Afrika needing sponsors for smm can do it ? help and afrikan bro?

Z3ph @ 7 years ago

Thanks for pointing out my error in my article, and sorry for the mistake. 36 hours on no sleep = foggy korean-loving brain.

Sn4k3y- @ 7 years ago

hey buddy check it
I have posted the details there

Tangerine.k @ 7 years ago

Ehh, it actually wasn't there last time I checked (which was hours ago), but thanks for letting me know anyway. :)

KongoTime @ 7 years ago

Thx for the fast respnse on the ddt news,
gj, nice article :)

Zeyall @ 7 years ago

check yourPM :)

iki @ 7 years ago