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Name jose luis mora diaz
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bullet)UmBrA(proof @ 4 years ago

Hello eOn!

i watched some of your recent games ... i am pretty impressed :) I wish u the best of luck in the tournaments, notice me when u will play SC2 :-P

warrior-350- @ 5 years ago

Whats yp mate pwning kids in sc2? you pro lvl yet?

warrior-350- @ 5 years ago


Esc4toN @ 5 years ago

It depends on rankings as you already got it and depends on the level of the event that is played :)

Esc4toN @ 5 years ago

iCCup Games were added yesterday, BWCL will be soon I hope

iFU.BMW @ 6 years ago

werdum imba

Esc4toN @ 6 years ago

Ahh, edited it now, thanks ;)

Sibiryak @ 6 years ago

No( I didn't risk, bet only 60 mins. Anyway, Good Job, guys, sas is a strong team.

LML @ 6 years ago

I am most likely going to play for dM-, sry.

LML @ 6 years ago

Then lead your player into contacting me.