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Name Rastko Simic
Location Serbia, Belgrade
Date of birth 1990-12-30 (27 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
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Registered 8 years, 18 weeks ago
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Zeyall @ 7 years ago

done, sorry for the delay and welcome back! =)

milerda @ 7 years ago

noup :))

milerda @ 7 years ago

n1sam widio :))) al tnx anyawy

milerda @ 7 years ago

mos mi dan msn macko ;))

HU57L3R @ 7 years ago

I don't care about them at all xD I like seeing constructive comments like this guy umi's.

HU57L3R @ 7 years ago

I guess after seeing videos like dota.z, i,dota, genocide etc. ppl think videos like mine are extremely easy, 30 mins worth of time to make. And they can't enjoy a good quality video that is less complicated.

HU57L3R @ 7 years ago

Hey thanks for posting my vid and for all the nice comments ;]

Faek @ 8 years ago

Hey Blue, I'm a bit busy lately, but I will be probably for the rest of the day, so you can contact me

MrBlue @ 8 years ago

Can you get online dude? ON ms.

ereskigal @ 8 years ago

you can publish it, read it and it looks fine