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Name Christopher Wåhlin
Location Sweden
Primary Game DotADotA
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Registered 8 years, 15 weeks ago
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DaZerB @ 4 years ago

ta bort denna fucking mode

DangerousDave @ 4 years ago


That was Chrille not Chrillee ;)

arnabjet @ 4 years ago

all the best love your games

bonGer @ 4 years ago

do u think u will win this time on gosubet chrillee?
u are deadly thinking too fucking good cuz u will win and chwey will cry :D

Formanden @ 4 years ago

stop betting on those 4FC all the time! they are to StronK for Gosubet'sss

RonnieJames @ 4 years ago

hello, Christopher. Were that you who made TBC feral druid movies few years ago?

SimbaDota @ 4 years ago

nice predictions! gj

A.N.t. @ 4 years ago

good job - 1st place in gosubets.
good luck vs kaipi