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Name Terrence Wong
Location Malaysia
Date of birth 1990-02-11 (27 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
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Registered 8 years, 26 weeks ago
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elijahsp @ 5 years ago

why did you move to joindota?

Skylark @ 5 years ago

hey MrBlue, are iceiceice and xy going to stay on MYM for sure? Do you know if they're trying to secure 2 more permanent roster positions?

TrollBoss @ 5 years ago

hi Blue, are you being paid to write articles and esport news releases in joinDota? if yes, i wonder if you can help me be part of jD coz you know i got some pretty skills here. i write articles and prease releases to our growing site:
if no, nvm.
btw, i have 2 jD accounts:
and lucky enough to take this: MiSeRy
mempunyai satu hari yang baik

NoobHunter @ 5 years ago

You've made a good decision <3

skeeper360 @ 6 years ago

Hello MrBlue! are there any interviews of the players during SMM? :D

DieSmiling666 @ 6 years ago

hello mr. blue

check out my vid tribute for iG


already submitted a news tip hehe

SG_secretgate @ 6 years ago

Thanks for your support to PH e-sports community by replacing your flag .. We appreciate it..

DrensGamingINC @ 6 years ago

Thank you for showing honor to our flag by replacing your own flag by it. much love from the PH e-sports community. :)

eggtat-ec- @ 6 years ago

Pinoy ownage now, 3 of the GosuCrew!

Namikaze @ 6 years ago