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Name Slick Dragon
Location United States, Miami
Date of birth 1988-01-06 (29 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
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TrollBoss @ 6 years ago

oh comeon! DDT's already disbanded
let's talk about GGnet! :))

2 @ 6 years ago

who can wake up the sleeping dragon :)

Formanden @ 6 years ago

last online 8 month ago :( we miss u man

2 @ 7 years ago

yo , i'll bet you're already get into one piece latest episodes..its been a while.. imo u need to wake up..

tyler.durden @ 7 years ago

how do you like the near perfect style of LGD.sgty now? how you like them apples

Tykor @ 7 years ago

Wake up already

SaNte- @ 7 years ago

the buzz is a show here in the ph lol :D

ninjamidget @ 7 years ago

I knew something was odd about gosugamers, you haven't commented for ages! :O

rontol @ 7 years ago

29 United States Mikey
"I would like to see the Asians win a tournament set in north america or europe..
lots of people probably will say it makes no difference where the tournament location is but i believe it actually does." s/11011-loda-chinese-dota-has-honour

AHAHAHAH you could kindly ask Kingsurf/Zenith for this lolz

InDe_eD @ 7 years ago

gtfo cocksucker