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Name Petar Tenev
Location Bulgaria, Stz
Date of birth 1991-04-14 (26 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
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Registered 8 years, 17 weeks ago
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uNv.dawidek- @ 4 years ago

wow...are u still alive? from all bulgarian guys i met, i just remember ur nick...i dunno if it's still u...but if u got 19 stars on ggNet, im sure u are...
I don't remember the BG team...hmm it was known....hmmm

dyfs @ 4 years ago

me4o add me in steam!

m.h.n @ 4 years ago

Thank you for your opinion

Nirvajason @ 5 years ago

Like your comment :D

Crush3d @ 5 years ago

Tell me about how was Mu carrying Panda with his amazing solo skills for the last 6 months.

Crush3d @ 5 years ago

Change your favorite team imo.
Mu > Hao. No offence.

Zeyall @ 5 years ago

nope :F left the gosucrew a few months ago

ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr @ 5 years ago

All vods are here but they may be easier to find on sgamer type sites.

Hiero @ 5 years ago

Thanks. That helped.