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Name patrick sumilhig
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Date of birth 1991-07-26 (26 years old)
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-VigRouX- @ 6 years ago

You mean, the SEA Gosucup Qualifier? No. It needs to be done today.

sagi @ 6 years ago

wala anlayo namin dun! parang wala nga nangyaring eq dto sa amin. problema nga lng ang mga kapatid ko nwalan ng trabaho kac ang costumer ng companya nla mga tga dun

-VigRouX- @ 6 years ago

I'm sorry dude. The slots are all full. But we might consider making it into a monthly tournament or such so, stay tuned. :)

sagi @ 7 years ago

about 400-500 dota players here in japan but mostly are pinoys,malays and chinese!try japan rpg room in gg..

sagi @ 7 years ago

:) yes proud to be pinoy! but currently living in japan!

hope u hav nothing against pinoy!

pprkut @ 7 years ago

wtf is wrong wit u? -_-

sagi @ 7 years ago

why did you ask if im pinoy?