Name Lazie Bum
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Date of birth 1986-12-12 (31 years old)
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LRM)Cats_Paw @ 5 years ago

Working, so not so good.

bl0w @ 5 years ago

haha thx for the advice ^^

BrknSword @ 5 years ago

I'm just checking my luck in Ace.

Prokrastinator @ 6 years ago

old song, u r so boring

Luca_Brasi @ 6 years ago


Luca_Brasi @ 6 years ago

ur ass if u continue with that crap

Mnla.GX @ 6 years ago

Don't worry my friend, as i always do, I'm gonna steal the win from all of you. haha.
Bet wisely.

Mnla.GX @ 6 years ago

I only watch if they give the stream link. haha.

Mnla.GX @ 6 years ago

Where can i watch live streamings of StarCraft? Link please! Thanks dude!

SaintKnight @ 6 years ago

Btw next all in for the lose is SC2 :D 3k minerals there as well xD