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bebeLUVnardo @ 5 years ago

Sorry but I have to censor your comment. The theme has nothing to do with nudity and kids freely browse the internet nowadays. Just to be safe I censored it. Thanks!

alphdan @ 6 years ago

voted gl

NexCa @ 6 years ago

its not me uploading them, actually i dont know who upload them. But yeah, i guess they'll upload them

NexCa @ 6 years ago

np ;)

TobiWanKenobi @ 7 years ago

hahahha dude....just take an extended lunch break and turn the stream on :P

But yeah, as always mate I try and get the shoutcasts up as fast as I can so you can see it all. I upload right after the last match is finished, and is generally about an hour and a bit per match to upload video, audio and replay.

.waR- @ 7 years ago

been here a long time..lol..jus recently registered

.waR- @ 7 years ago


its bdpk|Warlord

now known as .waR-

K.K.K.WhitePower @ 7 years ago

MCitY are definitely on level with MYM/DTS etc etc but I would consider them Australian but if you want to, then yes, they are one of the biggest threats on SMM.

K.K.K.WhitePower @ 7 years ago

still overrated, only Asian team able to compete with top EU are as follows : eHome, Kingsurf(AEON),cD and so forth.

<3 hyhy

K.K.K.WhitePower @ 7 years ago

well.... like DTS for their attitude, haven't changed a player for years but obtaining LoH and yet be able to compete with MYM and others, trust me, MYM will fall down in time, just like Ks.int, dominated for a lil while and just sucked after that.