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Name Eric Khor
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Date of birth 1988-09-11 (29 years old)
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HeraqezminotiC @ 2 years ago

hi bro.. i cant retrieve my items via gosustash.. can lend me a helping hand ty T.T

guest @ 3 years ago

i want ask something about disqualified from CIS Carnage due to match fixing ,so my bet will give back??

uNv.dawidek- @ 4 years ago

hi There
Eric, i'm a very fan of your news and all what you write on here.
I'd like to ask you if you know how could i contact to Mark Fernandez, Speed Gaming's manager.

I'd like to talk with him, so maybe he could make some deals with my organization.

I will really appreciate if you send me a response asap.

Thanks a lot.

Dawid "ZetoDk" Khalid

Pako @ 4 years ago

Hello again dude :))) You can add at the team achievement profils the latest achievements from the WePlay Dota 2 League :)))) Hope you will see my msg and will add it quickly as alwasy. Have a nice day and keep doin your stuffs ! You are doin great !

WePlay Dota 2 League Season 2 (2013)

1st - Na`Vi - $13,000
2nd - Alliance - $6,000
3rd - Team Liquid - $4,000
4th - Team Empire - $2,000

Pako @ 4 years ago

Hi again, i wanna say congratulations to you for the great job you do in the Gosugamers and at all for Dota2 community - news , interviews , etc. :))) Keep goin this way. Also i wanna point out that you can update the team profile achievement with the latest awards from Techlab. I saw that in the thread you wright that PR won 5000$ , but its actually 4000$ for them and 2000$ for 3rd and 1000$ for 4th place. Doesnt matter , mistake's happen. :)))

Techlabs Cup @ Minsk, Belarus (2013)

1st - Na`Vi - 8000$
2nd - PR - 4000$
3rd - Quantic - 2000$
4th - Almet - 1000$

Biliger @ 4 years ago

what;s with that trashtalk thread? ( the ange one)
it's enough just to show the ppl what happend.. no need to flame
lack of professionalism...
i would say that a 14 years old wrote that..

Octodoodle @ 4 years ago

Received my prize from the G-1 league contest earlier today, thank you, GosuGamers, and Gigabyte! :D

INS.GG @ 4 years ago

zenith vs VP final scoreboard is repeated twice here

decrux @ 4 years ago

Hey Eric, I wish to inform you that it is a pain to listen to your sub-standard English interviews. Please improve on your English thanks.

uNv.dawidek- @ 4 years ago

Hi Eric.
I'm manager of some american D2 teams, also i'm managing new fun page in spanish for latin people. I'm not new user here on GGnet. I'm always following all news here, i like your news. So, i was wondering if it's okay if i translate some news from here to spanish, obviously i'll write who's the author and the source.

Let me know it asap pls.
You can take a look here if u have free time.

P.s: I always wanted to work for GGnet...but...Tjerno told me there wasn't a slot for me. :(