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NI_Thunderr @ 3 years ago

If I want to play StarCraft. Should I install an older version

StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm

NI_Thunderr @ 4 years ago

Yu-Nim Kim = daewon song ?

NI_Thunderr @ 4 years ago

why Lyn Loses against sbwfz was down 24 point was down 24 point . but when th loses against sbwfz lose only 14 point
..................... th000 vs sbwfz starting before than lyn vs bwfz

unlovedpuppies @ 4 years ago

why is your new song so catchy?

b.bold @ 4 years ago

thank you man hope there won`t war between 2 koreans and also my bro lives seoul with his wife

b.bold @ 4 years ago

Is there VOD of IG vs WE?

Sibiryak @ 4 years ago

Sorry for what??? no problem, just inform you to not double this bet may be...

Sibiryak @ 4 years ago

I have added the ace match Flash - RorO

Striker @ 5 years ago

Added all missing from today when you were not here ;) Your turn now :D

NI_Thunderr @ 5 years ago

hi today game is online or offline