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Name Paulo Vizcarra
Location Peru, Lima
Date of birth 1986-07-04 (31 years old)
Primary Game StarCraftStarCraft
Status Offline
Registered 13 years, 20 weeks ago
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ig.oya @ 6 years ago

you crazy motherfucker, i saw u play on a sc2 stream the other day! how are u doing man? :D

Mankeyz @ 6 years ago

Hows it going bro? See you in the tourny =)

HyjiNx @ 6 years ago

CatZ! It's iG.HyjiNx :)
How the fuck have you been?!

OXOmgmt.111 @ 6 years ago

SM Sunday ?

TeMiL @ 7 years ago

catz tas q la rompes en los gosubets

Baha @ 7 years ago

gl on gosugamers US tournament :) go pwn those terrans so i can learn from you

catz @ 7 years ago

:D hahaha

maisasur @ 7 years ago

damit i knew u would win but went against u... stupid me... lol nice play

drewbie @ 7 years ago

wow u pro @ gosubet

drewbie @ 7 years ago

wow u pro @ gosubet