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Name Chris H.
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defender. @ 3 years ago

hope u come back :-<

itsME.chadd0- @ 4 years ago

delicious butthurt zeyall

fapfapnaprepeatt @ 4 years ago

Incase you aint know, I go by the name fapfapnaprepeat and I'm from Afrikaaaa Afrikaaa

fapfapnaprepeatt @ 4 years ago

So what you know about how people love to perceive us when we come into a brand new town

Mr.JenzeN @ 4 years ago

Dear Zeyall, for threads like this: http://gosugamers.net/dota2/thread/1007076/start/0 GG.net needs u :/ Be admin again, c'mon :(

lovebaby828 @ 4 years ago

hello am happy to meet you,i saw your profile now and love it,i will like to be your friend please write to me on (lauraboldeng3@yahoo.com) so that i will be able to send to you all my details and my picture also,thanks,
regards laura E mail (lauraboldeng3@yahoo.com)

J- @ 4 years ago

hi dude long time no see :)

ArtofTrolling-_- @ 5 years ago

You quit DotA?

ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr @ 5 years ago

You replied to me here
but the comments were going off topic so I didn't want to reply there.

ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr @ 5 years ago

Yeah that has nothing to do with me or the Dota section. I've brought up how to improve the news frequently but we work with what we have.