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Name Roy Kwan
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lastshadow @ 6 years ago

galaxy says you're handsome

and super mannr

Pentagram @ 6 years ago

this bet day*

Pentagram @ 6 years ago

hey you can change this bad day time. 29.07.2011 cet 20:00

LordWeird @ 6 years ago



Sibiryak @ 6 years ago

Thx, man!)

Sibiryak @ 6 years ago

Hi! Can u close the MC - Morrow bet?

Bulletpr00f @ 6 years ago

hey man how are u doing im gosubet sc2 trainee now is there anything u need help with and which can give me some training ? :D

Acer.ParanOid @ 6 years ago

"1st 600 €"
You wrote 1st instead of 4th in the newspost about ESL prizes ;).

Phanthom- @ 7 years ago

Roy vao
i love your name its Beautiful :P

Phanthom- @ 7 years ago

hey my brother :D