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Name Ivan Kulinski
Location Bulgaria, Sofia
Date of birth 1984-10-09 (33 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
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casanova12891 @ 2 years ago

Hi MY or MVPP??

Sibiryak @ 4 years ago

ok, looks like on TL is a right one

Sibiryak @ 4 years ago

do you have a link to the right schedule? I haveedited only next 3 games

Nydra @ 4 years ago


Sibiryak @ 5 years ago

s.peshnyak @ Skype, but i work a lot, and come home late night usually, at work no chance for Skype...

lovebaby828 @ 5 years ago

hello am happy to meet you,i saw your profile now and love it,i will like to be your friend please write to me on ( so that i will be able to send to you all my details and my picture also,thanks,
regards laura E mail (

Sibiryak @ 5 years ago

I spoke about: "if you want do good- do it yourself", join the gg team as manager and open and close all the bets you want. I don't want read your posts in each second bet "som1 close!", especially in night-time bets, i do all i can and have time for.

Sibiryak @ 5 years ago

be calm, you are so agressive with your requirements every time. Just try to apply as gosubet manager and we all be happy to have such active man, which can spent all his time for SC2. Btw, this match was in the schedule for today (Alicia vs MaNa is rescheduled match from week 7). And how can VODs help me to know about changes in NASL schedule?

dyfs @ 5 years ago

supp !

reallyboxer @ 5 years ago

a yea