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Name Christoph Helbig
Location Germany, Augsburg
Date of birth 1989-04-21 (28 years old)
Primary Game Dota 2Dota 2
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ClarenceRose @ 5 years ago

hei sir.. I have a question about DreamHack Corsair GosuBet competition. Which gosubets will be the basis for the winners? There are 2 gosubet sites.. its and .. There are matches missing from for the Day 2... So its not even equal matches.

UpScito @ 5 years ago

Hello, Check this information extra

AntenaDota - Streamer Hispoamericano

Official stream of DreamHack for all people speak in spanish

This is a official announcement of DreamHack

We know that many Latinos and Hispanics are close to GosuGamers, we have already covered several events and have always been official streamer

eg. StarSeries S4 , GosuLeague , JoinDota Master , etc



Stream Profesional de Dota2 en Español -

ChiLLi @ 5 years ago

Christoph <3 :-) Was treibt dich zu GG?

Nemerianos @ 5 years ago

Hello, check this tournament

Jeesports Championship II.
Top 12 teams from 12 qualifiers and top 4 teams from Championship I