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HKVS @ 4 years ago


DotA2Fan @ 6 years ago

NOOOO, u retired??? :(
Thats why the latest warcraft 3 new was updated 11 days ago..

Any updates on Moon and wcg qualifiers?

tk_angry @ 6 years ago

Hi how are you friend ? :)

ToLDK @ 6 years ago

Koozin Retired? :(

rool @ 6 years ago

Good afternoon. Prompt please who the captain team RAGE ???

ToH1o @ 7 years ago

Brat dai nekuf siat za takia qko maratonki casual deto se vodqt i nekvi qki qketa ot UK da si wzema ;)

LiuWeiFu @ 7 years ago

Koozin, can you help me about my problem in SC2 replay section? Thank you very much. I am counting on you on solving this problem.....

Seraph- @ 7 years ago

hi, can i ask where to get the maps the replays used, especially the one on blizzcon2010, moon vs grubby twisted meadows one.... it's gonna be my first time to watch wc3 replays... tnx in advance

Legolito @ 7 years ago

Yo dude. Do you think we can make a war3 match together?