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Name Lars Olsen
Location Norway
Date of birth 1982-05-28 (35 years old)
Primary Game StarCraftStarCraft
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Eresea @ 5 years ago

ahh ^_^ i added you to facebook... you dissapeared from it apparently o.o lol

Eresea @ 5 years ago

hahaha omg i didnt think youd actually log back on i saw you werent on for a long while. aye im crew ^^ yea raist is great ^^ lol i got your old job now, moderation team leader xD how have you been doing hun? long time no see!

Eresea @ 5 years ago

*waves to my old boss* Hope you're doing well hun :)

Wahid145 @ 5 years ago

cool u have the longest alive thread in GGnet!!!

Raistlin @ 6 years ago


marCoon @ 7 years ago

haha :D

LML @ 7 years ago


Enron @ 7 years ago

Jepp. Var noen fra en annen side som stjal zeeone fra oss, og mer veit jeg ikke. Skal få nye folk til å ta seg av GosuRadio, men kan dröye litt. Så desverre :/

Phantom @ 7 years ago

i don't has XD

defender. @ 7 years ago

can i stream a game for gosu ? :D