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NrT.UltraLinG @ 8 years ago

yes, but with smurves

tranquillity @ 10 years ago

e du cp?

HeteroHero @ 11 years ago

Worry no more, my fellow hetero follower, for I am daily fed from Aphrodite's breast and we are gaining strength with every passing moment!
The day is close, the way is known!

LausNub @ 11 years ago

I was about to believe that heteros are doomed nowadays. Since James Bond turned out to be gay, Ben Affleck became the Daredevil and "metrosexuality" was considered by many _not_ to be just another word for homosexuality, I thought there would be neither hope nor any hetero rolemodels for the upcoming generations.
But now I know, the war has not yet been lost, there is still light at the end of the tunnel, because there is still someone out there, fighting for the hetero cause, presenting and proving the true hetero strength, the greatness of this holy way.
The Hetero Hero.