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Name Adam
Location Sweden, Stockholm
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Nicego @ 3 years ago


WarChild @ 4 years ago

salami good

Toki @ 4 years ago

decent/good this my 3 time winter sport :D

ETl0l @ 4 years ago

dont think im the guy you think i am :(

ETl0l @ 4 years ago

huh ?

langka @ 5 years ago


qojqva @ 5 years ago

stop eating broccoli, you're tall enough.

moreinlovve @ 5 years ago

nice to meet you
MY dear friend my name is
morein i,m very decent girl
with honest love caring please
i will like be your friend
wirte me back with my mail
so that i will give you my picturesmy
i found your profile here
It's never my desire to remain what I am now,
but struggling to become what am.
pls dont reply me in dis site
reply me in dis email

WarChild @ 5 years ago


lalalelelili @ 5 years ago

hey man vhat happened to the jakiro paint drawing contest!