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Name Andreas St
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Date of birth 1993-09-13 (24 years old)
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Acential @ 2 years ago

Αυτό το 3ο πρόσωπο του Καίσαρα με ξεπερνάει

Acential @ 2 years ago


pranjal26 @ 2 years ago

Hi drouks, if you're reading this, can you please check your messages? Thanks!

uNv.dawidek- @ 3 years ago

Hi my friend, I read your article abt WePlay season 3, but...I'd like to know where to buy the ticket to watch games on dota2...

I cant find it on store...
Could you share the link to me pls?

Thanks in advance.

Pako @ 3 years ago

Hi, you can update the latest achievements

Game Show League Season 1 (Moscow)

Final Standings

1. NVMI - $20,000
2. Na'Vi - $10,000
3-4. VP - $7,000
3-4. Empire - $7,000

Thanks :)

Acential @ 3 years ago

I do not support any team, I support good DotA :)
και γιατί δεν παίζεις σαπόρτ στον πεδ Keepo

phoenix.dss @ 3 years ago

Hey dude. Good work posting match summaries but it would be better if you make someone read them first before you post. "Viper-Pugna-Enchantress combination specializing in demolishing buildings". I think you meant Shadow Shaman instead of Viper. "With only one tower standing for EG by minute 16" I think you meant 1 outer tower. But thanks for the contribution you're making.

Acential @ 3 years ago

#2 better zoume megales stigmes fere ta lockless luckboxes bro

Acential @ 4 years ago

Happy Bday kale mas :)