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diamondzxc @ 3 years ago

Can i ask if gosugamers still gives lockless on the top 3 betters

nevermore14k @ 3 years ago

Fix keys request pls :c

spadedota @ 3 years ago

hey mantis, regarding the gosucup asia this june 6, I have a few question since im building a new team. (Sorry bout that) Are we going to pay to enter the tourney? Do we need to invite an admin everymatch we make to watch us? thanks mantis!

Tokesomeying @ 3 years ago

Great fan of your articles, mantis. Is there a way i could contribute too? I write tournament pages at ranked gaming for locally held online tournaments in south asia and also used to ghostwrite for jeelounge. Hoping to hear from you soon. :-)

E_bombAnglay @ 3 years ago

hi admin there ?

E_bombAnglay @ 3 years ago

hay .... ur admin >?

phoenix.dss @ 3 years ago

Are you the oldest person still alive?

Mantis- @ 3 years ago

@BrknSword: Thank you :)

BrknSword @ 3 years ago

Good Luck for your work. :)

Mantis- @ 3 years ago

@Juve9el: yeah new crew, not inexperienced though :)
@wne_arsenic: Namaste. Kem cho? :D