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Name Mikael Öhman
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tassa @ 6 years ago

RELAX LAW PRO hahahaha

tassa @ 8 years ago

hahaha the comeback of the lowlifer:D

awz @ 9 years ago

hon e en go brud ju :D

Get.Coulthard @ 9 years ago

sup ur coming back? xD

Get.Coulthard @ 10 years ago

uman the truman xD
Nothing special,the #$%^ communists made it once again,the universities are closed for over a year now so we do completily nothing -- cheers

Get.Coulthard @ 10 years ago

where are you mike?:]
how is it going irl?

tassa @ 11 years ago

newspaper boy what are you doing?
i dont see you online :P

tassa @ 11 years ago

ahhahahhahaha IM GANGSTER

tassa @ 11 years ago


tassa @ 11 years ago