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sunnyxx @ 2 years ago

Hey Angel,

I am not sure if you got my message but you need to fix last minute gosu bullet bet switch on csgo. whatanoob96 is doing it. He places thousands of bets on the losing team(B) luring people into betting the other team(A) then switches his bet to small so that he can win big if team B wins and if the other team(A) wins people dont win much. You need to change so that people can only bet once no switching allowed or amount is allowed to fix the percentage. Also, there are couple people with multiple gosu bets,,, It's no fun when people do this.

dragowarr @ 2 years ago

I sent a deposit request for CSGO items from Gosustash 6 days ago; didn't receive a trade offer until last Thursday. At first, I was skeptical about accepting the trade offer but I did accept that anyway. The trade went smoothly but I'm still not able to view those items in Gosustash. GGnet_BOT_Alpha_135 was the bot responsible for sending me trade offer with verification code 05d92. Now, when I look into this gosubot's inventory, I can still see my items but somehow they are not transferred to my gosustash by this bot. Pleae look into this. I'm also not able to deposit items anymore as this error doesn't seem to go away : Depositing and withdrawing CS:GO items is disabled at this time. Please try again later.
I already sent a mail 3 times to and also posted in CSGO forum and steam group. Please help me recover my items...

Nacen @ 3 years ago

hello sir we draw cards already but in his screen still picking cards and he cant do anything is it counted or no?

quubeeee @ 3 years ago

hi angel , i would like to report Jizzes#1858 i already add him and no response at all already 20 mins pass we're already at round 3 Hearthstone Sea CUP

pecancrunch @ 3 years ago

Hey Angel, I am here to report my opponent farando#1821 has not responded to my invites for at least 20 minutes now. It's the 2nd round brackets.

necrohavoc @ 3 years ago

Hi, I'm reporting that my opponent shrimplxyz#1461 has not responded to my invited for 15mins already in the Gosucup SEA 1st round brackets.

melodyforlucia @ 3 years ago screenshoot proof RvL won the match
RvL vs CC please reply asap, DG just reported without adding us while we're still playing

P4ck @ 3 years ago

Hello Angel, our opponents in the MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia : June (RvL Milody vs .Cc.) have not responded to us. is the match still being played ? we have been waiting for quite awhile :/

BabyF4CE @ 3 years ago

hi, our opponents are not responding, what do we do