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Name Recinov Safin
Location Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg
Date of birth 1990-08-20 (27 years old)
Primary Game WarCraft 3WarCraft 3
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Registered 6 years, 12 weeks ago
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aWesoMeWay @ 5 years ago

Son,Y U no post anymore? need your avy on every single threads.....

SilentZ @ 5 years ago

yes . thank sir . Why ????

SilentZ @ 5 years ago

i like ur pic .... hahha lol :D

RoNie- @ 5 years ago

This Avi freaks me out.

Acential @ 5 years ago

nice 9gag picture :D

NoobHunter @ 5 years ago

You must be from planet Earth. Nuff said.

ChuChuChu @ 5 years ago

Uhhm more specific plz? :D Asia? Eu? NA? SA? Australia?

ChuChuChu @ 5 years ago

lol. Was just asking where your from not where you got your name. :))

ChuChuChu @ 5 years ago

Hey bro was wondering where are you from?