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Name Mohamed Aser
Location Jordan
Date of birth 1992-02-18 (25 years old)
Primary Game DotADotA
Status Offline
Registered 6 years, 11 weeks ago
Last Seen 5 years, 20 weeks ago


2k2k @ 4 years ago

ey 3aser how u doin
i quit dota mate and wont come again , bye

psychotic @ 5 years ago

Y U Banned 6_-

NoTideHunter... @ 5 years ago

PRIVET !@!!!!

P12 @ 5 years ago

Actually i forgot my password to my basic account, its still up running but i dont know the password to it.. i'll tried creating a new mirc auth but got banned thou.. Ive talked to the admins about it and they told me to do a password request, so u maybe see me soon.. So keep your hands tightly on the top 10 rank spots cause soon someone is going down from there!

P12 @ 5 years ago

yo wharup aser

Crush3d @ 5 years ago

k jordanian

dotadelirium @ 5 years ago

What's your nickname? Maybe i know you :D

MadaFakaDee @ 5 years ago


psychotic @ 5 years ago