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960 @ 4 years ago

why not?

six.a6 @ 4 years ago

thanks for the key man :P

six.a6 @ 4 years ago

john.nazzi@yahoo.com :P thanks man! :)

six.a6 @ 4 years ago

hey cant send any messages. already exceeded my maximum limits for today. can i give out my email here? and can i have at least 3 if its ok? :)

ggnetneo @ 4 years ago

well i think it was Tobi Wan who said on an interview that his 1st.

Volzotan @ 4 years ago

Not really, I had a Tauren Druid called Volzotan on a friend's account which I played till lvl 22 or smth, in Kil'Jaeden. It would be a huge coincidence :)
I played quite a lot dota-league SIGs and VIP SIGs, iCCup and Dotalicious. Maybe from there?

ggnetneo @ 4 years ago

@hiero nope, only valve has it

SimbaDota @ 4 years ago

nice music on the wall )

CtChocula @ 4 years ago

I'm learning to do it less often now e.g. when he posts something that sounds obviously wrong.

cck @ 5 years ago

That's Sayuri