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Name Jhonatan PG
Location Peru, Lima
Date of birth 1986-07-07 (31 years old)
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inF.QuanTi @ 5 years ago

yO biatch ! wasup ?

sMacker @ 6 years ago


Revo_Mx @ 6 years ago


sMacker @ 6 years ago

good, ill msg you :P

inF.QuanTi @ 6 years ago

Hey SMackouuuu !! If you start playing sc2, msg me on gosugamers so i can add you ;)
Kiss and hope to see you soon on bnet 2.0 !!

sMacker @ 6 years ago

I miss to this shit haha, maybe this august I will start playing SCII :P

gns.i-jasa @ 7 years ago

hey baby :) we miss you

starcraft2girls @ 7 years ago


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FroZen.211 @ 7 years ago

hey man, we're going to start an SC2 clan, msg me back if you wanna be a part. this is gns.i-shield btw

Pentagram @ 7 years ago

noo :) i have 100 days after im free:) now im in holiday:) bro we need to talk add me msn :) or find me on face book : Hüseyin METE )