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powernet @ 5 years ago


iii. @ 5 years ago

i dont have bane in my hero pool? is he only available in that test version?

Gunnar @ 5 years ago

Just thought I'd let you know
Malay = race
Malaysian = nationality

to attribute anything to the country Malaysia, the adjective used = Malaysian
ie, malaysian organizers... not malay organizers.

crossmax @ 6 years ago

didn't you say you had an interview with the guys from nevo incomming? :P

Dinozavre @ 6 years ago

Ah damn you, my vacation just ended, back in Denmark with wind and rain, wohoo! I can't wait to watch that thing tonight, I hope djwheat won't be too much of an ass and actually listen.

Dinozavre @ 6 years ago

yoyo, congratz on becoming a crew member, just wanted to say there is a typo in your link in that Tobi thread.

TheGhostWriter @ 6 years ago

wow you're part of the crew now. congrats mate :D

Dinozavre @ 6 years ago

Haha, I thought it was over after Mania's post, but somebody just HAD to bring it up again :p

Dinozavre @ 6 years ago

Haha, you just won't give it up? :D I can respect that, by the way don't pay attention to NiggaStoleMyNick, it's a dual account of a troll that was banned a long time ago :p

Dinozavre @ 6 years ago

I know, I keep coming back every hour to see what happens, you're doing a good job being objective though :)