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Name Daniel Alejandro
Location Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, Barcelona
Date of birth 1985-01-06 (32 years old)
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masterbomb @ 5 years ago

Hola man. Sigo en venezuela, sigo entre los que esperan un cambio en este pobre y noble pais rico. Mientras quiera la naturaleza y hasta que lo decidamos con nuestro esfuerzo e intelecto. Como estas?

francisthewhite @ 6 years ago

very sad man, nasl is sucking big times
no music during stream.... looks so boring :(

dsue @ 6 years ago

i think you might have to "like" the group to be allowed to vote

group link here:

photo link here:!/photo.php? fbid=207615785925077&set=a.205459019474087.51909.184691011550888&theater

francisthewhite @ 6 years ago

im afraid it will be online until the 16 spots

v6 @ 6 years ago


masterbomb @ 6 years ago

que hay man? hace tiempo que no me conectaba aqui. como andas?

HKVS @ 8 years ago

YEAAAH playboy :D
( look at 'stoles' entry )

Stoles @ 8 years ago

no real man likes to go shopping with a women they need hours to find something:/ i knew that you are gay:D